Meet Ali Zar

Ali Zar moved to the United States from Pakistan when he was 11, intent on following in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps.  Several businesses later, Zar has shown that with action and purpose, any dream can come true.  With his focus on family, Zar and his brother have set up successful small businesses across Long Island.  Their first, a series of gift and greeting card shops, is still running strong.  Then, they kicked off their own restaurant, Zar’s Chicken and Burgers, a halal eatery focusing on American favorites that’s racking up excellent online reviews.  But most recently is Ali Zar’s passion project come true:  A sports equipment store specializing in cricket, an uncommon sport in the United States, but one that is rapidly growing.  Zar seeks to cater to this market, regionally in Long Island with his Zar Sports USA storefront, and then on the internet as his website reaches out and finds more customers. 

With a bachelor’s degree in business from Baruch College, and a brother with a business degree from St. John’s, the Zars have all the education it takes to succeed, but it’s their relentless drive and broad understanding of various business marketplaces that will put them over the top to stay.

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Ali Zar discusses his journey as an entrepreneur and provides tips for aspiring business professionals.

Ali Zar Discusses Becoming A Business Owner & Entrepreneur

“I came from an entrepreneurial household, and my brother and I followed our father’s footsteps.  My father had a motel in Manhattan with his business partner.  He was in real estate as well.  He worked in real estate from a young age and inspired us to be entrepreneurs ourselves.  Working so hard to make someone else rich never felt right when we could do it for ourselves.”

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